For using game center, your app should be on the Itunesconnect and enable Game Cener.

If you did that, here is what you have to do now.

It is very simple. Try the following codes.

GKScore* score = [[[GKScore alloc] initWithCategory:@"game category name"]autorelease];

            score.value = totalTime*100;


            [score reportScoreWithCompletionHandler:^(NSError* error)


                 if(error != NULL)




It it very easy to post your score but... not much players want to even create account on GameCenter;;

I myself in My App am using both GameCenter and Cocoslive leader boards.


2000 people in cocoslive leader board.


2 people in GameCenter leader board including me.

Have a good day~ :p

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I was gonna post it tomorrow but i decided to post it right now. why?

cause i dont have anything to do right now :p

Get to the point!

#import "CLScoreServerPost.h"

-(void) requestGlobalScore


    CLScoreServerRequest *request = [[CLScoreServerRequest alloc] initWithGameName:@"Mayday Timeattack" delegate:self];



    [request requestScores:kQueryAllTime limit:10 offset:currentScore flags:kQueryFlagIgnore];

    [request release];



-(void) scoreRequestOk: (id) sender


    NSArray *scores = [sender parseScores]; 

    NSMutableArray * serverScore = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:scores];


Try the above lines then you will be find. 

If you have any questions, reply~

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Try the following then you will find no problem with it!  

Have fun~ :p

#import "CLScoreServerPost.h"


-(void) postScore:(NSString*)userName{

    CLScoreServerPost *server = [[CLScoreServerPost alloc] initWithGameName:@"Mayday Timeattack" gameKey:@"game key from cocoslive" delegate:self];


NSMutableDictionary *dict = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithCapacity:3];

[dict setObject: [NSNumber numberWithInt:(int)(totalTime*100)] forKey:@"cc_score"];

[dict setObject:userName forKey:@"cc_playername"];


[server updateScore:dict];


-(void) scorePostOk: (id) sender



-(void) scorePostFail: (id) sender



If you have any question, reply~

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Straight to the point.

When get "This game is not recognized by Game Center" alert view when you are trying to add Game Center in you app on the device

but works on the simulator, well you are in no problem.

Just remove your app from the device and run on the device again.

It will work. Just got the problem and solved this problem after looked at this thread.

Thanks to Paul.

and now small talk :p

i used cocos2d and cocoslive for my game.

But i decided to go for Game Center.

I haven't tried the "Campaign" from the admob site but i will try it layer.

Anyway looks like somehow they promote itself by "friends thing".

So.. i will update it with Game Center and see how it goes :p

Good day guys~ 
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