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  1. 2011.08.17 [Cocoslive] How to get a score from Cocoslive? Here it is!

I was gonna post it tomorrow but i decided to post it right now. why?

cause i dont have anything to do right now :p

Get to the point!

#import "CLScoreServerPost.h"

-(void) requestGlobalScore


    CLScoreServerRequest *request = [[CLScoreServerRequest alloc] initWithGameName:@"Mayday Timeattack" delegate:self];



    [request requestScores:kQueryAllTime limit:10 offset:currentScore flags:kQueryFlagIgnore];

    [request release];



-(void) scoreRequestOk: (id) sender


    NSArray *scores = [sender parseScores]; 

    NSMutableArray * serverScore = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:scores];


Try the above lines then you will be find. 

If you have any questions, reply~

Posted by ParkPill 박필